Chemicals & Additives

Your shipments are in safe hands

We offer a broad range of logistics services for companies producing or using chemicals and additives. We realize how critical it is to have a comprehensive integrated, streamlined and highly efficient supply chain.

 Often times, supplies are mission critical and need to be quickly and safely delivered to their destination.

We provide our clients with outstanding and very responsive service so that they may meet or exceed their service level requirements. We have developed a broad range of services and tools that can be customized to support and manage part or all of chemical and additives supply chains needs.


 • Global Air & Ocean services
 • Order management and processing
 • Warehousing possibilties
 • Comprehensive experience working with clients in the industry
 • Extraordinary record of delivering excellent service levels
 • Fully customizable solutions for each client
 • Expanded global reach through our network of local experts
 • Quick and seamless systems integration