When it comes to fashion, apparel and accessories, Janssen knows exactly what you’re talking about.

Projects big or small, we have dedicated hanging space and specially designed bin-racks for all types of clothes; from socks, jeans and t-shirts to shoes, boots and coats, whether you require hangers, special packaging, branding or re-branding, we are here to help. Our fulfillment area can quickly pack and ship any garment for you, through all major shipping carriers. We also enable you to easily include coupon-inserts or stickers in your shipping box. Janssen can manage a wide range of apparel items, and our team expertly cares for your soft goods with spotless storage facilities and gentle packing prior to shipping.


 • Labeling, boxing & kitting
 • POS display assembly
 • Gentle shipping & packing
 • Size, style and color sorting
 • Price ticketing
 • Retail order fulfillment
 • Retail prep
 • Repackaging


 • Low cost shipping options
 • High-Volume EDI
 • Complete routing services
 • Ship truck load, LTL, or parcel
 • Routing guide expertise
 • Web based reporting system
 • Full data export
 • Smart returns & exchanges