Global Airfreight

As one of the market-leading air freight forwarders, Janssen ensures that your cargo is transported to wherever in the world you want it to be taken.

Janssen is a market leader, offering innovative solutions and a global network. We are a strong partner to our customers. With our 5 locations in Netherlands and Belgium, we allow our customers to do business in even the remotest corners of the world. 

Our customers benefit from a choice of first-class airlines with excellent transport connections and continuous tracking of shipments using the latest online tracking systems.

For your air freight shipments we offer a variety of service types that you can use according to your requirements.

With Janssen’s time defined air freight products, you set the pace. Our custom air freight products allow you to coordinate your freight with even greater flexibility and efficiency.



Janssen economy: For less urgent shipments with a lead time of five to six days an attractively priced alternative (airport to airport ).

Janssen business: For urgent cargo with a standard transit time of three to four days (airport to airport).

Janssen first: For extremely urgent cargo! We guarantee on-time delivery
within one or two days (airport to airport).

Janssen express: In addition to regular shipments, we can also deliver your smaller consignments to the customer instead of the airport.
This door-to-door solution combines speed with reliability, everywhere in the world.

Janssen skybridge: Air freight in combination with ocean freight: Air freight is fast, ocean freight is attractively priced and environmentally friendlier. A combination of the two can form an ideal solution. You tell us where the goods have to be picked up and delivered and we'll find the best route and the perfect combination.

Janssen projects: We can transport all your special projects. Nothing is, too long, too big or too high. We offer integrated transport solutions, everywhere in the world. Your challenge is our opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. Our specialist teams provide the equipment and advice to get the job done.