Are you importing products of wood ex. Indonesia? Please read this article carefully.

What’s not new to you importers of wood or wooden articles, is that, If you want to import wood or wood products into the European Union, you will have to observe (phytosanitary requirements). It depends on the country of origin and the type of wood – bark, hardwood or softwood – which requirements apply. It is forbidden to import and sell illegally cut wood and products made of this wood. You must be able to demonstrate the exact origin of the wood and that it has been cut legally. You will possibly need a FLEGT license (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) for some countries. A FLEGT license guarantees that wood products come from legally felled trees and have been imported legally.

Many types of wood must be treated to prevent harmful organisms being spread with the wood. A phytosanitary certificate is therefore often required with the import consignment. A plant passport can be required for transit within the EU.

What is NEW? 
Apart from the importer itself, we are also able and allowed to request your FLEGT license. We are happy to assist you with the license, to make the process a lot easier, please request our assistance right now, via your Janssen contact or via : airfreight  or seafreight department.

If you produce the licencse yourself, please be informed with the following precautions:
– always make sure ALL h.s. codes are mentioned on the license application
– always make sure the volume of the shipment: colli/ weight/ dimensions,
are exactly the same as on the shipping documents