Offshore and Energy

Global demand for energy is driving oil and gas activity in remote and harsh offshore regions.

Janssen helps the offshore industry to secure the energy resources the world needs. Through seamless
logistics solutions, we support every aspect of offshore exploration, development and production, making it easy for
our customers to work closely with their suppliers, partners and customers.
Most projects involve a significant logistics management effort: analyzing project needs, finding and selecting
service providers, coordinating movements, satisfying documentation requirements and so on.
Janssen lightens the load with our project management and forwarding services.
We act on your behalf as an exclusive forwarding agent for projects, using dedicated teams with specialists that
handle all your needs, including planning, transportation, documentation, reporting and clearances.
All types of cargo Janssen manages logistics for goods of all types, from standard items to urgent deliveries, special goods and outsized
items. We have specialists with expertise in handling break bulk, out-of-gauge and heavy lift transportation.


 • Project Management
 • Ship Spare Parts Service
 • Airfreight
 • Marine Management
 • Order management and processing
 • Integrated Parcel and freight shipping options
 • Inventory management with stock recommendations based on usage