Specialty Retail

Specialty retail distribution is rarely nice and simple.

 With thousands of inbound shipments and customer orders, shifting schedules, changing demands, and cost considerations, retail distribution is increasingly complex. Janssen is your trusted transportation and distribution partner who’s smart, flexible, and can help you find the best solutions every step of the way.

Working with big box stores isn’t an easy task. They have very specific vendor compliance requirements that differ from retailer to retailer. Failing to adhere to these stringent vendor compliance requirements can lead to chargebacks and the potential loss of business. Many retailers also have specific compliance and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements that can be difficult to manage effectively. Janssen personnel have the expertise to navigate these often stringent requirements. Under our vendor compliance program, the specific requirements that pertain to the shipment of goods for each retailer are maintained and adhered to when shipping your product to the various vendors. We can also organize and deliver the required EDI transmissions required by your retailers allowing you to easily implement an EDI compliant program and avoid the “charge-backs” often associated with the lack of EDI compliance or vendor guideline conformance.



 • High-Volume through EDI Transmissions
 • Complete routing services for all sizes of retailers
  • Following Strict Routing Guide Instructions
 • Floor load or pallet based on customer specification
 • Temp control storage available
 • OMS with comprehensive order management and processing
 • On Staff Traffic Manager
 • eCommerce platform integration and solutions
 • Web based reporting system at Janssen